The Great Wild Stars

It’s been over a decade since the tragedy: one of the most enigmatic and nefarious bands in the History of Rock took their final bow. Following in the footsteps of other British forbearers, the Beatles, Pink Floyd, the Clash…the Great Wild Stars gleefully soiled millions of star-gazing devotees’ psyches with their bombastic and often iconoclastic sound before their sudden and mysterious breakup left our world haunted by the band’s pungent unwashed scent on the wind. 

Even now Caesar and Leopold remain one of popular music’s most recognizable duos. Leopold (the ever-upbeat perfectionist and more serious minded-composer) and Caesar (a scorpion hybrid of prankster punk boy and poet warrior) collided on the streets of London, and later Stratford-on-Cleft, and the world was never the same. The motley Stars, joined by Ghengis and Alexander, went on to besiege hundreds of stages all over the world from the years 1996 – 2006. They have endured profanity lawsuits, public arrests, and tabloid assassinations on a scale that is both shocking and awe-inspiring. The decade of their decadent rule spawned 5 platinum-selling albums, each of which remain a unique testament to their artistry and spiritually-liberated irreverence. 

If you have convened with us here, ye dear stargazer, to meet the band in its raw majesty, to don its symbol upon your chest with other like-minded Stargazers, or to unlock the secrets of his past and future in the artist’s own words, then you have come to the right place.

For like Leopold says, “It’s amazing, babe.”

Contact the lads at band (at) greatwildstars (dot) com